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The Stranger, My Dog, & The Miracle!

by Wendi J., a Delighted Customer

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How a caring stranger got Bo back on her feet.

I want to share the story about my dog Bo and the stranger’s miracle that gave her a new lease on life.

Bo has been my companion and best friend for the past decade. She has been the top employee of our army surplus store, greeting customers with a bark and wagging tail, and even escorting regular customers down the aisles.

Not long ago, I noticed that Bo’s gait began to slow, her tail wagged less, and her excitement for life seemed to diminish. Our vet heard our barrage of questions, gave some advice, but also said Bo’s active life had damaged her joints.

Collage bo sick
Bo's joint pain had sapped her vigor for life.

We Tried Everything

My heart broke. The vet was right, Bo wasn’t a puppy anymore. But there had to be something I could do.

We tried everything...

  • Supplements
  • Medications
  • Diets
  • Swimming
  • Heated dog bed
  • Massage
  • Almost called a “dog whisperer”

I was desperate. Nothing seemed to work.

After a while, I accepted her new state and did what I could to make her comfortable. She rested in her bed by the checkout stand, rarely rising to greet patrons.

One Day A Stranger Walked In

One day a man walked in, shopped around, then stooped to greet Bo in her bed while I rang up his items. She approved his attention with a wag of her tail. He asked her age and about the stiffness. After I handed him the receipt, he thanked me and left the store. I thought that was the end of it.

Back So Soon?

A moment later the man stood in front of me again, plopping a handful of little green powder packets on the counter. He said he was the head of product development for a nutritional company that focused on pet health and longevity.

The packets were blank.

He smiled and said, “We haven’t thought of a name for it yet. Bo’s gonna love it.”

“I’ve tried everything, but thanks for the offer,” I said, shoving the packets toward the stranger.

“Keep them. This is not like other supplements. Trust me.” Then he turned and left.

Nothing To Lose

By the time the door had closed behind the stranger, I had tossed the packets in the waste basket and returned to work. Hours later as I was emptying the trash, a thought occurred to me. What do I have to lose? I didn’t believe his strange powder would help Bo any more than the rest of the junk on pet supply store shelves. But he was nice and Bo liked him…

So I tore open a packet and sprinkled it in Bo’s dish. She gobbled it up.

I continued giving her a packet each morning.


A short time later, Keith, a regular customer walked in and greeted me and Bo. Then he exclaimed, “Wendi, Bo’s looking great! I’ll have what she’s having!”

Results bo
“Wendi, Bo’s looking great! I’ll have what she’s having!”

Bo had hopped up and trotted to Keith, tail wagging furiously. She hadn’t done anything like that for months!

The Miracle Dumbfounded Me

I stared in disbelief, then remembered the stranger. It was just another dumb supplement. Wasn’t it? Well, it had to be something special because of what I was witnessing with my own eyes.

Finding The Stranger To Thank Him

I’m a law abiding citizen, so I’m not sure if my next step broke any laws, but I had to find the stranger for two reasons: First, to thank him. Second, to buy more miracle packets.

All I knew about the man was that he had purchased something. So I rummaged through past receipts and finally found his. He had paid with a credit card, and had therefore given me a signature. It was hard to read, I came up with a few possible names, a Google search, and a phone number.

I called, he answered.

His name was Kevin, and yes, he remembered Bo. He was glad to hear that the formula worked, but wasn’t surprised. He explained that it increased mobility and decreased joint pain for aging dogs, as well as worked to prevent damage in younger pups.

Dog dish b

They finally named the product:
Extend™ Joint Care for Dogs

I thanked him at least fifty times during the call, and we exchanged information. He arranged to send me more packets of Extend® for my sweet Bo.

Bo healthy
Thanks to Extend®, I have my sweet Bo back again!

Bo won't be around forever, but I know her twilight years will now be comfortable and happy. I sincerely hope that my story helps you and your furry friend.

Walking bo
Shortly after the events outlined in this true story, Bo began enjoying activities she used to love, like extended hikes with her owners.
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